Fly me to the moon


And now you are back.

Back to everything,

back to my life,

shaking my body and my soul

leaving all upside down again…


I’m trying to run as fast as I can

but this time

you are not letting me go.


You have grab me from my wrists,

you have grab me from my ankles,

from the hair

and from the waist,

like an octopus all over myself,

deciding when I can breathe and when I can not,

asking me for more,

asking me for everything,

asking me to stay.


The fear invades my nights,

now that I wait,

wondering if this has any sense,

I’m going to destroy you

and you are going to destroy me.


But there’s sparkles everywhere,

the fire is burning

any ice in my walls

I don’t have more tricks left

to make you leave.


This time we are going to have

to face each other,

now that you are back…


Now that I’m back to black.



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